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Welcome To Kangarootime

An easy-to-use childcare software packed with features to help centers run every aspect of the business while providing real-time information to parents through:

Business Automation
Classroom Automation
Parent Connectivity
Enterprise Dashboard
Why use Kangarootime?
We believe every center should have access to software that makes running their day-to-day tasks, simpler. With our revenue share model, we're making it affordable for all.


Families Supported


Dirty Diapers Tracked


Children Supported


Why Kangarootime?

The first modern operating system for childcare centers, schools and behavioral health centers, we are launching the next generation data and analytics platform for early education. The All-in-One approach provides accessibility to data across your entire business and tells an amazing narrative, leveraging an elegant platform to bring together smart business and partnerships between educators and families to grow and nurture bodies, minds, and souls!

Grow your Center

Our parent portal and mobile applications provide a world class communication method and give your business the ultimate polish. Our competitors offer management software for your center that is time consuming to use and does not close the loop. We provide a completely connected experience that allows you to focus your resources on growth.

We Are Your Revenue Partner

With complete billing and payment automation, we give our customers new life with revenue optimization and measurable time savings. Parents enjoy the convenience of making payments online and having access to their financial statements in the palm of their hand.

Automating Classrooms and Connecting Families

Our educators love the efficiency of the classroom automation with prompts and nudges at the point of care. With reminders on diaper changes, medication administration and nutrition, teachers are able to focus on the important things. Real time photos, daily notes, and messages enable educators to keep parents informed and engaged with their child’s educational journey while providing a multimedia story that helps families connect the learning and developmental environment to what happens at home!

Create Clarity for Parents

Our application has been designed to carefully deliver transparency and understanding. Notifications will be sent to the parent app to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings with contracts or days off. Kangarootime provides real-time feedback that will keep parents informed of overtime and fees so there are no surprises.

What we offer

Some Awesome Features


We're connecting childcare professionals to children and their families, with live interactions and updates on demand.

Check-In & Check-Out

Our advanced technology makes check-in and check-out secure and seamless, with our secure door lock software.

Authorized Pick-Ups

We get things come up, so we've made it even easier for parents to assign pick-up privileges for child(ren).

Messaging & Picture Sharing

Live pictures and direct messaging keeps parents connected to the milestones their children achieve and activities they do - each day.

Safety Features

With credential reminders, medical alerts & lockdowns, Kangarootime brings another level of protection to users.

Reliable Revenue

Automating the revenue cycle gives our centers more time for what is important. We will collect every dollar of tuition for you.

Daily Activities

Parents can stay up-to-date with their childs daily milestones, meals, learnings, naptimes and more - in real time.


Centers can keep track of room ratios to ensure staff are scheduled appropriately and all childrens needs are being met.


Our dashboard provides a powerful reporting tool for attendance, finance, overtime hours and much more.

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